The Truth revealed

Truth is made up of your truth and universal truth but is always governed by universal truth.

Your truth will be different from others because of your experiences and beliefs. As you live and experience life your truth changes. We learn the truth from our experiences but at the end of the day we are all moving towards the same truth. At times you may not see it but in time all truth will be revealed.

The first point I must make is that it is hard to live the truth in all aspects of our life and that it is a constant challenge to maintain the truth. All I can say is that you look over the list below and see what is required. I hope you can see aspects of your life that already form a part of your truth and at the same time identify aspects that you know is right but have never questioned before. You must always be in-tune with your instincts because they will always govern what is right and wrong for yourself. Do not ever do something that you know is wrong. Do not ever work against the truth. Simple lessons but with major consequences.

Your truth should include:

Free will

the power to choose or decide freely


a state or condition of being free


the act of helping or serving mankind


to work together


to have a deep-seated affection for


truthful or free from deceit or pretence


calmness or peace


able to be forgiven


the capacity for sharing the feelings of others


the act of expressing


the ability or power to understand


considerate, friendly or generous


grateful acknowledgement of a favour, gift, etc.


a state of agreement or pleasing arrangement

Helping  others

to make something easier, better or less painful for a person or thing


a firm belief in something


freedom from war, strife, or disturbance


the act of contributing to combined effort 


a firm trust


any trust or confidence


the ability to endure or put up with difficulties, etc.


a strong feeling of understanding, pity or sympathy for the sufferings of another


caring for others, and not too much for oneself

As you can see we have a lot of work ahead of us but it is important to start working even if it is one aspect. You must start to work against the opposites of the truth. I don't want to mention them but take another look at the list and think of the opposites, this is what you must start to address in your life and change by working with the truth.

Truth should be applied to everyone no matter colour, race or creed. Living life and living the truth go hand in hand. Now is the time to trust and put your hand in the hands of the truth. You will be well rewarded.

Life consists not only of the things you do, but also of the things you say and the things you think. Apply the truth to every aspect of your life, starting from today.

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