Living the Truth

How do I apply the Truth?

To apply the truth is being able to think, act and react differently in your life, working with the truth. A good start is to start to think about what you think during the day. Think about the number of times you have bad or negative thoughts towards others and yourself. Once you have identified this, reverse the thoughts and learn to block negative thoughts out of your mind. To stop negative thoughts learn to reverse the thought with love. Think loving thoughts, this is a good start to living the truth. Your actions and reactions will change naturally once you have got on top of your thoughts. A good exercise is to take more time to listen to your mind; you will be surprised by the number of thoughts that are opposites of the truth you should be living.

Can I now start to live the truth?

From today you can start to live the truth. Do not expect to be able to change everything all at once but start to work on one aspect of your life and allow the truth to grow from there. You must first plant the seed before the tree can ever grow. Once you start to see the results there will be no turning back and you will gradually see the other aspects in your life that need to be changed. One step at a time but yes you can start to live the truth today.

Will I be able to handle the truth?

Yes you will because the aspects that you will start to work with will be achievable. Life always provides challenges that are achievable for every person. You may only work with a few aspects of the truth but that may be all you will be able to work with at this particular time. Do not worry, trust the truth and be guided by your own truth. As mentioned previously take each day at a time and work through life applying the truth one step at a time.

What happens if I choose to live my life against the truth when I know what I am doing is wrong?

There is one very important lesson to learn and that is the universal law of cause and effect. Quite simply what you sow must be reaped. This law works for everyone and there is no escape. This law is perfect in its operation. If you work with the opposites of the truth then you will receive the opposites of the truth, magnified. Think of what creates war, it is the beliefs of jealousy, greed, pride, malice, distrust, suspicion, just to name a few. For every action there is a reaction. Sometimes you might not see the results of the action but there will be, nothing escapes the law. Do you want to live with the opposites of the truth? I think not, learn to give love for you will receive it, ten fold.  Don't think you can escape the law, work with and appreciate its existence and allow it to work for you. Working against the truth will work against you. 

No one can escape the truth.

Where does religion fit into all this?

Everything is in perfect harmony because Universal Law governs everyone and everything no matter your religious beliefs, just like the law of gravity.

The law has no distinctions and cares not for colour, race, nationality, religion or class. Everyone is accountable for their own actions and motives by the Universal Law.

What are the benefits of working with the truth?

Go back to the truth list and think how your life would be if you were to remove all the opposites to the truth in your life. To remove fear and replace it with trust. To live in harmony with everyone and no longer have distress. The truth will provide all the answers. Start to work with the truth and you will start to see the results.

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