Is the answer

Love, believe it or not, is the answer to everyone's problems because love is the most amazing power in the entire universe. Love is the foundation of all life, the source of all life and is the backbone of our existence. Love from the union of two people right through to a few words of support to a friend are all expressions of love. Love is something that cannot be measured and words fail to describe it time and time again. It is the path for all and everyone to be in its purest and most perfect expression. Love allows us to express our true being. Love is honest / willing / giving / nurturing. Love does not hurt, threaten, bash or hit. These experiences result due to lack of love. Abuse towards yourself and others is a result due to lack of love towards yourself and others.

You may feel unloved but if you look carefully people are expressing love and giving love that you are not seeing. From thoughts that cannot be seen and even words of love spoken to other people, you are being loved. For you to be feeling unloved you need to learn to recognise the many forms of love and the many ways it is expressed. People love their pets or their garden, they are loving all the time, look around you and see the many ways love is expressed. You too are being loved but you are not able to see it. Open your mind and take a closer look. Sometimes the person you think hates you the most, actually likes you but is unable to express it in a way that you can see it. They may feel uncomfortable about feeling the way they do but they still are loving you. Do not judge others because they are unable to express their love the way you would like to see it because we are all different and are handling our feelings in different ways but always remember we are still working with love.

Now I want you to think of a person you dislike. If you look at that person you may see a person that is not nice and the last person you want to be around but that does not mean you must hate them. You must respect that person for who they are and try not to judge them. You must learn to love them because within everyone there is goodness and love waiting to come out. You may not see it but now is the time to take a closer look at that person and try to see the good and not judge the bad. You might know what is right but you cannot expect everyone to have the same understanding or beliefs. Respect that person’s beliefs and learn to love that person. Your relationship with that person will change once you start to work with love.

Love is everlasting and the sooner you learn to love the sooner you will start to receive it. Look at yourself now and say I love myself. If you found that hard then IT IS TIME TO START TO LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF. Think of the special qualities that make you special. If you cannot find any then look closer because everyone is special and has special talents and abilities. You have so much to offer and people are waiting to see your love expressed.

Now let's look at your present situation, if you look at the basis for the situation you can see that love is the answer. Take away the bad thoughts and replace them with love, the situation has now changed. You must work through the other guidance topics to see how once negative thoughts are removed and replaced with love, the problem or issue is solved or dissolved but you must remember that love cannot be owned, possessed or controlled. This will always lead to problems because it works against the natural flow of love and life. To lose a loved one is not the end because love is undying and everlasting. The pain of death is in the believed loss of love when in fact it continues on and on, and on and on. Love cannot be weighed or measured it just is and is the backbone of our existence. Learn to love everyone and everything no matter how hard you think it is. From the ugliest person in the world to the most beautiful, your love should be the same because everyone is special and it is time for you to realise that you too are special. You should not think otherwise.

If you have considered taking your life then I want to say this. It is wrong because no matter how much you hate yourself and your life, you can change and learn to love yourself and life. Do not punish or judge yourself from previous actions; it is now time to focus on your positive future. Read the other guidance topics and see how easy it is to change your outlook and create a brighter future.